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The one basic thing we know about cats is that they are the most curious creatures. We know dogs are friendly and excited. Yet cats are not that excited, but unabashedly curious.

You will know this example if you are a Sherlock Holms Fan. The classic example is that dogs are like the Scotlandyard and Lestrade, but cats are like Holms himself. Cats have` a plan of being curious while dogs are just excited about the situation, if you know what I mean. The long furore between cats and Christmas trees is because of this curiosity.

But would you believe that it is not just the tree that makes cats restless. They are intrigued at several decorations hung on the tree as well. Let us dig into the Crime Lore of Cat and the December Festivity of Christmas; More importantly, how to stop it.

cat peeking out of a Christmas tree
This cat went into your treasured gift.
  • Why cats mess up with Christmas trees?
  • Are the trees poisonous to these little angels?
  • All the reasons why you should cat-proof the tree
  • Ways to do it

In here we talk about 😻

Why they mess up with Christmas Trees?

cat eating a branch of a christmas tree
It’s time for food.

Before the actual question, let me talk about Felix. Who is Felix. Well, Felix is the one above me. The white cat with strips. He is here eating his most recent prey, or may be trying to eat it. Is it possible that this is not digestible? We never know what’s on Felix’s mind. Felix got to this his owner, Sam’s Christmas Tree and successfully completed the first phase by toppling it over. When Sam came up to see if thieves have got into the house, here’s how Felix was, just tasting the big chunks of the six feet Christmas Tree he just hunted down.

That being said, know that the needle like leaves might be a little poisonous to your friend. PetMD has done an impressive piece on how and why the Christmas Trees possibly be poisonous to the pets. According to them, it can cause several health issues including choking or intestinal blockage. Therefore it is not only safe from your side, but also on the cat’s perspective to label the Christmas Decorations as a “No Fly Zone”.

To answer the question, Christmas trees are pretty foreign to the animal. Cats are particularly curious about the new things in your house. So one of the good approach to save the Christmas Tree is making it less uncommon and making him/her used to it.

How to stop your cat destroying the Christmas Tree?

We all know cats are cute and fluffy creatures. But your rage would skyrocket when you see it devastating the precious decoration, you spent hours placing. Not to mention all the money you have spent on this. We have a few trick cards from our own deck. And its the sharing time.

a cat examining a Christmas tree
Hey Mom, this looks like my next kill!

01. Citrus like scents

Cats hate the citrus scents. Citrus comes from lime and there are many perfumes and sprays that carry the citrus fragrance. Citrus being the most common, several other sprays that carry the bitter smell are not liked by the cat. These are collectively known as Cat-Deterrent Sprays. So, spray some around your Christmas Tree from time to time and the cat might not touch the precious structure. Great Pet Care says that this is because the citrus is toxic to cats and they know it.

Some scientists also believe that citrus dislike is developed, so that cats would not try rancid food, when they are hungry. This is an evolutionary trait they got after centuries. The Scientific American also supports this view as Orange like flavours and smell are non existent to the feline family. This is a great explanation for you to not have seen a cat peeling and eating an orange on that comfy sofa of his.

two cats around a fallen christmas tree
It’s your choice to see this or have some lime spray around the tree

And despite of all we know that cats hate obnoxious odours, may be because they are royal creatures. Some might refer Cats’ Royality as a cliché, but does that make you uncomfortable? Let me know in the comments section.

02. Set up a Barrier like Foil

Cats also do not like the Aluminum foil. The fact that its shining and showing own reflection usually scare them. What you have to do is have a Christmas tree with a wide base and cover it with foils. Although be sure not to have nearby tables or chairs or even windows, where your cat have the access from another front.

A more advanced way of using the foil’s blocking feature is using Cat Training Mats. Most of these carry a small current and can set up at tonal & static settings. Using its charges, they create a pet safe zone and block your pet from entering that area. This is super safe and the palpable experience will drive your pet away from your Christmas tree.

A cat sitting near a caged christmas tree and two cats sitting beneath a christmas tree with no branches below.
Left: Well, this is not the barrier we expect, but it seems to be working though. Right: The lower branches of the Christmas tree has been intentionally cut off to prevent the two beauties trying to circus over them.

A physical obstruction is also a great addition to your go to toolkit when it comes to stopping your cat. A pet fence or a pet playpen would be the ideal choice, but a DIY pet blockage will also suffice. But unlike other methods, this is not 100% results oriented. Like I said earlier cats are the super curious creatures. They will just jump over the cliff. Therefore using it alone with be a no brainer. So better to combine the spray with the barrier.

03. Placement

That said, the placement of your Christmas Tree is very important, if you want it to last with your feline present. Do not place it near any tall structure. Not even the ones that are around 10-12 feet away. Believe me cat will jump at it. Never place it near windows too. Cats are great climbers and will use the window as a ladder to summersault to the Christmas Tree.

cat sitting on a table near a christmas tree
Probably the last living day of the Poor Christmas Tree

04. Placing different objects

One of the things you can do without disturbing the Christmas vibe is placing a few pine cones. This will surely add some extra decoration to your tree while keeping the cat away.

Additionally some mandarin oranges are also a problematic area for the felines. Also some are known to be afraid of fruits like banana due to its size. And our cat Cellie is afraid of the Fidget Spinner. When one of us is spinning it, she comes nowhere near. May be you can invent your own cat repelling equipment or device.

05. Downsizing

When you have no other option to run to, believe me it will happen around 70% of the time with these creatures, the only option is downsizing. How short or small you can go is your problem to solve. But as a simple matter of fact, if the cat cannot climb on it, no harm would usually come at it.

cat sitting in front of a miniature Christmas tree
Is this guy happy because he got his own size Christmas tree, Or sad that he cannot destroy it?


You can decide which way to choose to keep your cat away from the Christmas tree. But know that torture or going at on them will never be an answer. Anyway who can hit them looking at that cute – fluffy face. You can do anything that does not involve violence. After all cats love us. They just have another way of expressing that immense affection. Comment below if you have any other ways of stopping the rambling penance cats create in December.

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