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🐱 By Crimingo 🐱 On 25-12-2022

Chris the cat met the Christmas tree in a late afternoon on the dawn of the last week of the year. This is the story of compassion and carriage between the couple.

We talk about the Chris the cat and his experience on the Christmas trees. This is not a scary story; so you don’t have to brace yourselves.

What’s in it 😻

Chris and his curiosity

Chris is the most curious cat you will ever meet. No one can even think of closing the gap of his curiosity. Once a cow owned by our neighbor farm’s land lord tucked away a cow in our adjacent estate. She was a little bit out of form and Mr. Santhom wanted to keep her away from the heard. This is where Chris came on board. He immediately noticed that a big foreign creature entering his marked territory, and definitely was not happy about it. Although having all the manners of the ancient feline royalty he went there and politely enquired as to why this creature is invading his personal space. Probably Chris was not happy about the answer as he barged in to the house prepping for a battle.

a cat under a Christmas tree
this is not Chris, but look at how cute he is

The attack against the cow

He had figured it all out as he did not take any lethal weapon, but decided to go with a fist fight. Came in and sharpened his white claws and took a 10 minutes exercise warmup. This was essential as it was their generations old tradition of battle and warfare. Then it was the time for observation and planning. He went up the nearby peach tree to take a stand while he was carefully plotted his attack. This process is the most tedious phase of the process as it needed to take into account of all the enemy’s moves. Chris usually does a SWOT analysis of the enemy. We will come up with the war tale of SWOT analysis for dummy cats in a later article. This actually has a different name in cat language. Keep connected with crimingo to see the pattern.

Anyway after about 3 hours of planning, Chris decided to the final attack. Alas, knowing that the cow stands no chance with this mighty cat, Mr. Santhom took pity in the poor cow and took it away. This is how Lord Chris removed the immense threat the cow posed at our neighborhood. Thanks God for giving him such battle wit. Without Chris, the cattle could have destroyed our home. and eventually the whole village.

cat exploring a Christmas tree
Chris is just looking and exploring the tree. Careful enough – not to hurt the precious object.

Here we come to the Chris and the Christmas tree

My friend here reminded me that I am to talk about the Christmas tale, and not the cow tale. Sorry for that. I got a little carried away. The 2022 Christmas tree did not arouse the usual curiosity of the creature. Its like Chris and the Christmas tree were married in their last life and Chris eventually know that they will meet in this life. I am not in a position to figure out which of the 9 lives of Chris is this, but I am pretty sure that they were a couple in a previous life. Unlike other foreign objects, Chris welcomed the Christmas tree with much enthusiasm.

a cat sitting peacefully adjacent to a Christmas tree
Chris is seen here posing with his partner, The Christmas Tree

Look at here, I have managed to plug in both my cat and the bulbs in the Christmas tree, so that both are glowing like the bright sun. Chris is sitting proudly and we named the tree as Chris’s Tree, and of course we are hoping to turn in the full rights to his name whenever the holidays see their end, hopefully we can find a cooperating lawyer to assist us.

Unlike the other cats seen below, Chris never tried to attack the tree or its ornaments. It embraced the tree with much love and made its right to own. We have a whole article written for cats and their adventures of Christmas trees.

a cat playing with ornaments of a Christmas tree
This cat is not very friendly with ornaments
cat looking at Christmas lights
Her eyes says it all
a cat peeking out of a Christmas tree
Coming out after destroying the Christmas tree

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