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Humans can advance and advance until the sky. But sky is the limit. They broke this myth by travelling to the moon. Can humans defeat Death also? Can they stop ageing – Increase Life Expectancy? Let’s find out.


  • Scientists found a life saving protein
  • It kills unnecessary molecules to save us
  • While at it, it kills the life-elongating genes too
  • Can we really save these genes?

What do we know about Life Expectancy?

For several decades we have believed that ageing occurs as a result of decaying human cells. But why do these cells decay? Probably because of over use. But we also know that cells regenerate and new ones are made. This happens every day. Do you know that the skin you have today was not the skin you have had a week ago? Human cell generation is that fast. May be ageing happens as this process slows. No one exactly knows. Life Expectancy is actually a mystery subject to many.

Can we actually stop ageing?

What they say?

A scientific research done by University of Cologne’s Cluster of Cellular Stress Responses in Aging Associated Diseases, shortly known as CECAD has found an interesting theory, which offers a solution with it. This was published in Molecular Cell Journal. Click here to go to the research article. The beauty of this research is that unlike the other ones, this suggests a way to elongate the life expectancy of humans. Well, maybe it is a hoax. But, what’s the wrong in having some expectation? And this expectation is backed by those white coats. Life Expectancy can actually be a true hope after all.

But there is a catch. The crux of the matter is written in Latin. Kidding. But the scientific things are a bit hard to digest. Crimingo is here with much simpler wordings. Let’s digest this together, so that the scientific knowledge is fair and easy to everyone.

What a protein is this? CHIP CHIP

So, they have found a protein called CHIP. The main purpose of this CHIP protein is to destroy damaged and improperly folded proteins. What are improperly folded proteins? When the proteins are formed, firstly there is a line of molecules. Then this makes a circle by connecting the start to the end. When this happens, the constituent molecules attract to each other, like magnets. This can distort the proper circular shape of the protein. When this happens, it is like an abomination. If it is not destroyed, this one can lead to several diseases including the deadly cancer. Hope you can understand the critical nature of this CHIP protein. Not only proteins, it destroys unnecessary genes in this way, because it is a defense mechanism.

A X Ray photo of the Life Expectancy Molecule – CHIP

This is the tip of the iceberg. There is more to it. While the distorted proteins or so called improperly folded proteins are bad in nature; there can be some good ones too. CHIP is not genetically evolved to identify them. The good proteins; or specifically genes, can be a Life-extending gene product. It might actually be a Life Expectancy molecule. Whenever CHIP identifies this, it breaks down the molecule because it is seen as a faulty molecule.

OK, On to the Solutions

All right; why can’t we inject the life elongating gene ourselves into the body? That must be your question. No, we cannot. First reason is that we do not know the protein sequence for those type of genes – Life Expectancy Genes. And also any protein entering must go through body’s defense system, the white blood cells. They will be destroyed as soon as they enter. That is why there is an extremely low chance to cancers to enter human body. Most of the times cancers develop inside our body.

Can a simple vaccine can help us live 10 more years?

So now we know any and every foreign protein will go through this vicious cycle and end up dead. What if we can control the CHIP protein? This is where the situation gets interesting. When we are in stress, there are a lot of faulty proteins and CHIPs are busy. Probably that might be the reason for stress to induce several illnesses. However, when the CHIP is busy, a few faulty proteins can go through without being detected. This is basically the suggestion of the team. They are thinking of inducing stress situations to self-create life elongating genes. But, hope you can understand that this is an extremely risky procedure. Along with life extending genes, some life-threatening proteins can go out. Life Expectancy might actually go lower.

The question is yet to be answered

Future of the Research

The researchers are now investigating on other molecules that can work with this CHIP protein. The phenomena behind this is to selectively destroy other genes and isolate the life elongating one. Let us look forward for the discovery.

What do you think? Can they extend human lives and defy death? Let us know in the comments. We have said everything in the simpler terms. If you still do not understand, let us know in the comments or send us an email.

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