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News today is as interesting as yesterday’s. Lets dive into the most important things.

Jackson Floods Terrifies United States

Mississippi’s floods are still afloat – Photos by AP news

The flood condition at the capital city of Mississippi state is still over the moon. The Governor declared a state of emergency over the state on Tuesday, mobilizing the national guard. The head of the state also put forward a water emergency due to the lack of usable water. Today the White House collaborated on the humanitarian operations as it suggested and approved a Federal Emergency Declaration.

Trump; Why is he still in the headlines?

The former US president is under investigation by the United State’s Justice Department. The federal prosecutor is claiming that the president along with his team tried to steal classified information containing files. Representing the DoJ, Justice Department counterintelligence chief Jay Bratt said that several files were concealed and removed from the white house storage room. In the 36 paged report, he also released a few photos containing the alleged documents spread on the floor. The department says that this was voluntarily done to mislead the investigators and Trump’s legal team was willing to return the documents on a later date. Bratt also argues that every document in the white house is US’s property, and not the then president’s.

Department of Justice released several documents on a carpet, that read top secret.

Russia vs Ukraine; The Next Nuclear War?

Russia continues to hold its ground at Zaporizhzhia plant power in Ukraine as International Atomic Energy Agency officials approaching the site. World news says that the Russia is using the power plant to scare off Ukraine. The IAEA Director General, Rafael Grossi confirmed that his officials are inbound. Meanwhile the European Union has sent 5.5 Million iron tablets to Ukraine, in case there was a nuclear attack.

Germany also broke her silence, proceeding to Russia stopping providing gas to Germany for 3 days starting from Today. They said they have technical issues due to sanctions by western and European countries. Germany says that Russia is trying to weaponize the nuclear power sources at Ukraine.

Even though both Ukraine and Russia are in a war, Ukraine continues to send grain to Africa, which is facing a huge starvation problem due to drought and civil war. The World Food Programme’s Regional Director for the African region Michael Dunfordsays that more than 75% of Ethiopia’s food reserves are from Ukraine and Rusiia. He also encouraged other countries to help Ethiopia as well as Somalia.

Russian Occupied Ukraine Nuclear Power Plant – Photo by New York Times

Russia Losses an Important Limb

Former Russian Leader Mikhail Gorbachev dies at the age of 91 Today. The president is known for his contribution to put an end to the cold war between Russia and United States. Several leaders including POTUS Joe Biden have expressed their condolences for the leaving of the leader.

Mikhail Gorbachev – Getty Images Via BBC

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