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Do you want to check whether you are a cat person? We know that many people have wondered about this, but we definitely doubt if you know the right answer. The best option is to take a personality quiz to determine it.

  • A Deep Connection with Cats Defines as a Cat Person.
  • This Quiz Explores Feelings about Cats.
  • Simple Questions about Preferences, Enjoyment, Comfort.
  • Results Suggest Those Who Prefer Cats are “Cat People”.
  • Appreciate Cats and Their Unique Personalities is the reason for being a cat person

What’s in it 😻

What’s a Cat Person?

You may be a cold person or a really cool person – read it again 😀 ; everyone can be a cat person. Deep down inside, there might be that small ignite that fires for the love of cats. This quiz will ask some questions about your lifestyle, habits, and likings to know whether you are a cat person or not. This will not only help determining in par with cats, but also your personality itself. So, if you’re curious to find out if you’re a cat person or not, take this personality quiz and find out!

a woman in leapard shirt holding a a grey cat
The cat is not that interested in its admirer?

In this quiz, you will be asked 7 Qs. The questions are intended well to help you see if you have any of the signs of being a cat person. Many studies give out the fact that being an actual cat person is good. A 2017 study by American Pet Products Association (APPA) say that 44% of all USA households own a cat. A same year study by Institute of Veterinary, Animal and Biomedical Sciences found that 65% of cat owners consider cats to be their own family; a true cat people!. Although, there are some negative facts as well. Like in 2017 University of Pennsylvania found that cat owners are more stressed than non-cat pet owners. You can decide to be a cat person or not. But believe me, being a cat person is Super Fun!!!.

Obviously, the results of this quiz can help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your personality. And definitely if you are a cat person or not.

Question 1: Do you actively seek out cats for companionship?

For a number of reasons, many people deliberately seek out cats as companions. Cats make wonderful, enduring pals and offer solace and company. Having a cat as a pet has several advantages, including stress reduction, companionship, unconditional love, and even health advantages. A person’s lifestyle, the area in which they live, and their personal tastes may all have an impact on whether or not they decide to have a cat. Seeking out cats might also be an introvert signature. University of Bristol in 2018 found out that cat owners are much introverted than dog owners.

a kid travelling in his toy cycle behind a white cat
Is this cat showing the path for the little guy?

The benefits of deliberately seeking out cats for company are frequently very considerable. Cats may offer consolation and support, and they frequently assist in lowering tension and anxiety. They may also provide you delight and amusement and create wonderful pals for life. Individuals may make the best choice for themselves by being aware of the benefits and elements that impact a person’s decision to have a cat, as well as the reasons why people actively seek out cats for companionship.

Question 2: Do you find yourself watching cat videos for entertainment?

For enjoyment, many people like watching cat videos. People watch cat videos for a variety of reasons, including to unwind, have fun, or feel soothed. As the videos can promote happiness, laughter, and relaxation, cat movies can also improve mental health and wellbeing. University of Indiana in 2015 did a study to reveal that watching cat videos bring out positive emotions like happiness often.

Age, way of life, and interests can all have an impact on why people watch cat videos. An older person might watch cat videos to unwind or feel soothed, as opposed to a younger person who would find them amusing. Whatever the reason, watching cat videos may be a lot of fun and possibly be good for your mental and physical health. Oh, have you seen those videos of cats meddling with Christmas trees? If you want to find out why cats are attracted toward the Christmas trees or how to stop them from cutting it down, follow the links.

a black cat looking for a prey
A black cutie captured in snap

Question 3: Do cats make it hard for you to say no to them?

One day, Alice heard a faint meowing as she was crossing the street. She had a look around, but found nothing. The meowing grew louder and louder as she walked on. Finally, she caught sight of a tiny gray cat hiding in an alleyway corner. The cat shivered and appeared frightened. Immediately, Alice realized that she needed to take action.

Alice approached the cat cautiously and spoke quietly to it. The cat seemed to remember Alice’s voice because its ears pricked up. The cat meowed in response to Alice’s question about whether it wanted to accompany her home. Unable to suppress her smile, Alice took het in. She now has a new friend.

Alice named the cat Cellie, and she quickly realized that it was hard to say no to Cellie. Whenever Alice said no, Cellie would give her a sad meow, and Alice couldn’t resist her cuteness. Cellie was always so charming and persuasive that Alice found it impossible to deny her anything. Alice was glad that she had taken Cellie in and given her a loving home. And don’t say no to any cat. Did you know that in 2017 National Institutes of Health found that possibility of depression is lower in cat owners.

Question 4: Do you find comfort in cuddling cats?

kitten in white peeking on a sofa
What have you got for me today?

Numerous physical and emotional health advantages might result from cat cuddling. According to a University of Minnesota research, petting cats can cut stress and anxiety by as much as 54%. The study also discovered that petting cats can lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Since cats provide unconditional affection and support, many people find solace in cuddling them. People’s lifestyle, level of stress, and enjoyment of being around cats are all variables that may play a role in why they find pleasure in snuggling cats. It can be quite calming and comforting to cuddle cats as a means to unwind, relax, and de-stress.

Question 5: Do you show more affection to cats than to other people?

cat licking paws closeup
Let me have some paw bath first

Many people discover that they love cats more than other humans. An illustration of this is a homeless welfare center in New York City that employs cats to assist those in need. People who are living with homelessness, poverty, and other challenging life conditions might find solace, companionship, and emotional support from the cats.

There are a variety of explanations as to why people might prefer to exhibit affection to cats over other people. It can be challenging to find the kind of unconditional affection and support that cats provide in other people. Increased affection for cats can help people deal with negative feelings and situations because they offer solace and understanding. Why some people are more affectionate toward cats than other people has quite a good vibe if you understand their offering of solace.

Question 6: Do cats make you feel more at ease than humans?

People can frequently feel more at ease among cats than around humans. According to a Humane Society of the United States study, 76% of respondents said they felt more comfortable among cats. This is because cats provide unconditional affection and support, which can be hard to come by in other people. Additionally, cats offer solace and comprehension, which can ease anxiety and promote relaxation.

Question 7: Do cats have a calming and soothing effect on you?

a cat sitting and looking up
A cat having a deep thought about life and enlightenment

People have long been known of cats’ calming and soothing effects. From centuries on Tibet Buddhist monks and monasteries have had cats because they believe that presence of cats around their place of worship promotes serenity. According to several studies, cats can help people feel less stressed and more relaxed. They have been demonstrated to drop blood pressure and heart rate, which may result in a more relaxed state.

We can identify thousands of factors as to why cats are soothing and calm and why they have that effect on people. Although  Cats do not offer unconditional devotion like dogs, they are great at companionship, and also may be a wonderful source of solace. Furthermore, cats are known to give sympathy and empathy, which can ease anxiety and encourage relaxation. People may experience a relaxing and soothing impact from cats depending on a variety of conditions, like their relationship with cats, the level of assistance they are getting from others, and their life circumstances.


Cats are vicious creatures, but very cute in nature. There are not a lot of people who can proudly say that they are cat people. We have taken down seven questions here to find out why and if you are a cat person. And obviously we have the reasons for telling that.

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