Whenever you are cornered; Whenever you feel down because of a bully or an unpleasant person, something will come at your help.


01. Just look back psychological trick

First of our Psychological Tricks is, just glancing at the other person’s back and revisiting the conversation. Initially, he will just look back, but gradually suspicion will grow, and he will become confused. He will then adjust his chair, so he can see the back side while continuing the talk. He will not usually inquire, “why are you looking back”, because you are a stranger, but if he does, just say something to evade the question. This will work better if the background is a scenery rather than a simple wall. If you have done your act right, he will start suspecting, that there might be something, that he cannot see in the room. This will surely frustrate him. There was a film called no looking back in 2021, which talks sometimes about this phenomena.

Psychological trick of looking back
You can look at the back of a person in a conversation to confuse him

02. Are they screaming to overpower you? Physichologically empower them instead.

Now, I am going to teach you one of my lifelong secrets. HaHa. This is the greatest of the Psychological Tricks. You might have often felt that, if someone talks in high volume, or literally screaming, you are finished, noh?

Well, this is not true according to psychology. If someone tries to control you, by increasing the volume of the sound, you can do this. Most important thing is, not to raise your voice to match that person. You need to start whispering, usually reducing your sound to much lower levels. This makes the screamer to reduce his voice as well. The first scenario is that, he has to get close to you, or bend to hear well. Next, he has to reduce his voice. Both of these things force the screamer to come under our control because he is doing what we want him to do. This makes him go crazy, as what he planned is not happening. This is the moment to take advantage.

Psychologically control screaming
Are they raising voice to sound bossy?

03. Are you late?

Another way to confuse others is, looking at your wrist watch and continuing the conversation. You have to be cautious, not to do this with people at a higher rank to you, or people you are working with. When you do this, the other person starts to think that he is wasting your time. Although, looking at your phone to check time, is not efficient as this. It might give the other one, a feeling that you are demeaning him. Yet, watching at a wall clock, has the same effect. This Psychological Trick will never get old.

Looking at watch psychological trick
Look at the watch even if you are not late

04. Shut up!! Mentally breakdown the person.

A Psychological Trick similar to the above is Shuing a person while talking. You have to act, as if you have heard something. You can add an effect, by saying “Have you heard that”. This can definitely make him go crazy.

Shuing is powerful than telling to shut the mouth up
Psychological trick to shut up a person
Keeping your finger on mouth is a sign to tell the others to shut up

05. Silence the whole class psychological trick

Did you remember, in schools, the teachers often hit the desk to get attention of pupils? Human mind is connected to the sound of hits.

The brain immediately recognizes it as a warning sign, and gives the signal to turn to the respective angle. You have no option, but to look at the side of sound. So, of you have hit a table, while at the presence of some others, they have no option as well. This drives them to withdraw from what they have been doing and often drives them to a confusion state. But you have to be careful, because it’s not one person, but a group. In Psychological Tricks genre, this is one of the oldest.

Hitting a desk
Hit a desk in front of you to grab some attention

Have you heard of incidents, in which people die by snapping necks near cemeteries or old creepy houses? The same phenomenon happens here too. Human posture do not allow them to turn their head in 180 degrees, because it might damage the spinal cord. When you are walking near a creepy location, if you were to hear a noise, like breaking of a branch, you will immediately look at it, without even thinking. This sudden movement can even break your neck. A book published in 1973 named Readings in Behavior Modification talks about bad outcomes of this act.

06. End non-stop talking; The great mental deception

Non-stop talking
When someone is talking non-stop, this is how to stop it

This is another important thing for you to remember. You might have often met some individuals, who talks non-stop. They might even not let you talk. Think of a moment, where your girlfriend scolds you. She talks without even listening to you. At these times, just drop something from your hand and pick it up. Something like a pen or a key. This marks a rest in the conversation, where you have to take the advantage and speak up. The advantage of this way is that, you can confuse your opponent while not hurting their feelings.

07. Never look away – Take the cognitive advantage

These kinds of psychological tricks will come in handy when you are afraid of the person or situation. When you are talking with someone, if you are afraid or hiding something, never look away from his eyes or look down. Looking down can actually make you feel low and will have drastic effects. If you are looking away, it’s like not caring the other person. The best thing is to look directly onto the eyes. But that is the problem noh. So you can do this. Look at the forehead in between the eyes. This will build your confidence and you can actually look into the eyes later on.  You got to remember, looking should be done not up the forehead, or not at the nose, but directly in between eyes.

08. Is he looking at you? Let’s find out.

When you are among a crowd, you might have felt that someone is looking at you. Actually no one might be looking at you. But, if you suspect someone, what you have to do is just look at your watch or wrist, and suddenly look at him. He will have to do the last action he remember, which is you looking at the wrist. This is one of the great psychological tricks to catch him red handed.

Unnecessary looking has its medications

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