Republic: The True Story of The Furrs 01 - Trever's Find

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Trevor was just over the moon as his human owners were out of the town for the weekend. And he perfectly knew that caretaker lady next door was just too busy with Trevor’s daily tasks. Yo, this is the “purrfect” time for a nice little adventure. Yet the pleasant thought lasted only a few minutes as Trevor was bombarded with a list of tasks by his squadron leader. In fact Trevor could not attend the republic’s work this week as the family kept disturbing him. Well, that’s a long story. Long story short, Trevor is now going to be the busiest soldier alive in the republic. 

Trevor is a simple household cat, assigned to the delta division. He had ginger stripes over a white and grey mixed coat. A handsome fella; most of the neighbours praise him for his pointy face, but little they do know about his patriotic duties.  Characteristically enough, his face was totally ash and black and it was one of the main reasons for the selection to the delta division. Well, along with the superior performance at the physique test. 
The delta division is the proud home to world’s finest trackers; as they say it, and obviously among the cats and often the building block to the republics finest spies. Even the supreme leader of the republic army’s spy wing, Mr. Beast is a proud output of the delta division. 
However, Trevor’s tasks for this weekend was not even close to an intelligent mission. He should have years and years of training even before thinking to apply the spying battalion. But many predicted that he would become one of the youngest spy cats to ever live. 
a cat in a worrier cloths
This is a picture of the supreme leader of the spy battalion Mr. Beast - Generated with Midjourney
Trever had to get the coordinates of a rouge squadron that has gone wild a few days back. The story goes in as they were compromised while in a mission to retrive some important enemy asset. The exact details of the identity of the mission was not actually cleared to Trever’s commission level, let alone mine. Obviously cats maintain a very secretive level of chain of commands. He was given the last known address and the identities of the 7 personnel in the squad. The eighth was presumed KIA as her body was found in the site, whom Trever had planned to visit later in the day. 
So on the Saturday morning, Trever headed over to the principal site for the observation. There was not much information to retrive from there. A barren field with a few drops of blood. Last night’s rain had done its part to clear all the possible biological evidences. The smear pattern and the pungent smell of the blood stains suggested that they were of lizard origin. As there was nothing more to be done over there, he just headed to the morgue to check on the dead agent. 
a cat with a sword
One of the elite crew members who were disappeared
The morgue was located on the basement of a stranded building. The authorities had to position morgues in the most secretive manners as they were crucial in keeping cat traditions. There is a lot to discuss about there traditions, believe me what you know about cats is extremely different to what actually is true. 
To stress on the importance of these morgues to the republic, let me tell you how Trever got access to there. Even after notifying the squadron leader a day before, he had to wait at the down south morgue for 2 hours and 34 minutes until the full clearance is given.
Finally in the late evening only he was asked to step in. As he was entering the hall, he met the pleasant morgue attendant, Clara. He often wondered why Clara, being one of the most beautiful she-cats he has ever seen, ended up in a pathetic morgue. He could not hold for so long in that thought, as Trever was quickly escorted to the freeze room. The body was kept on the middle table, ready for the inspection.

The fluffy, yet untidy tail was hanging down from the table. Although it was covered in blood, he could recognize the dark brown mixed white fur pattern amidst the blood. I know that you might be wondering how can cats see colour. Well, hold onto that thought, like I said, there is a lot of things you do not know about cats. The tail looked very familiar to Trever. He tried to expose his mind as to see if it rings any bells. 

As Clara was removing the robe, the face revealed. Trever suddenly felt dizzy as he identified the agent. 

Who is she? Is she known to Trever? 

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