The Growing Cat Population: Understanding the Numbers in 2023

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Every year, the amount of cats rises, and as this number increases, so too does interest in understanding how many cats will there be worldwide in 2023. The worldwide cat population in 2023 is examined in this article, together with its patterns, statistical data, as well as a comparison of the populations of cats and dogs globally. We’ll wrap up with a summary of the article’s conclusions and key learnings.

The Global Cat Population in 2023

Cat Population Statistics

Do you want to understand how dense is the cat population? The key answer lies in statistics.  Well, to be honest there are as much as 600 million cute cats around the globe and most of them are living in the city or the suburbs. In terms of regional breakdowns, cats are most popular in Europe, followed by North America and Asia. In terms of trends, the number of cats has been steadily increasing since 2017. This is likely due to a combination of increased urbanization, population growth, and improved healthcare for cats. For example, a recent study conducted by the Health of Animals found that the number of cats receiving regular veterinary care has doubled in the last decade. This is especially true in developing countries, where the accessibility of cost-effective and convenient veterinary care has led to a significant increase in the number of cats receiving regular treatment.


a full white and a black and white cats sitting proudly
Well what are you saying about it?

However, cats are nowhere near its household rival, the dog. The dog population worldwide is as large as 900 Million; a world gone to dogs. Yet in some countries, the numbers beg to differ. Read on to find out.


The prevalence of cat ownership has also been increasing as a result of cats becoming ever more acceptable and popular as pets. No one can particularly deny those big bright eyes and the soft flurry body. Based on a study by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), there are currently 3% more cat-owning households than there were a decade ago. This is likely because individuals think owning cats is beneficial because they are companionable and are low-maintenance creatures. By the way, wanna know why cats are sleeping 16  hours a day? We have an amazing article about this. 

a black cat trying to cuddle a brown cat
Say what?

Now let’s dig into stats. It’s a known fact among researchers that the global cat population has been on the rise from 1900. Yet, that’s not the case; it is rising in a way that we have never imagined. American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) published a paper in 2021, which stated that the world cat population would reach 600 million soon, which was acquired in 2022 itself. Did you know that it was estimated at 200 million in 2020 compared to the growth rates in 1900 in 1900’s? Well, that’s a massive growth to have an actual 600 Million, which is three times of the prediction. In fact, the other amazing fact is that the cats per household rose from 1.1 in 1900 to 1.6 in 2020. 

The bad side of the Trend

United states has adored cats as their most frequent household pet and it is one of the few countries where the cat population exceeds that of the dog population. Precisely it is 6 million higher than the count of dogs. According to experts, the reason for this popularity is the choice of cats because it is economical than having a dog, and obviously the cuter choice.

The Cost of Rising Cat Population

Anyhow, this rise up with numbers obviously come up with a cost – which can be roughly translated to challenges. As the world is gradually stepping to human overpopulation, the same is becoming true of the cats. Imagine a world filled with cats and they take over the world. Sarcastic enough!!! It will not happen, yet overpopulation is not a pleasant experience. Not only for humans, but also for cats; the number of street animals continuously rise and stay cats and cats in shelters have become a major problem for animal welfare activists and advocates.

Possible Remedies

Spaying and neutering cats will be one step in this process, along with raising public awareness of ethical pet ownership.

Cat populations, however, can differ greatly between nations. Cats, for instance, are anticipated to continue being the most well-liked pet in the United States, where there will likely be 76.5 million cats by 2023. In contrast, China is anticipated to have the second most cats, with 53 million being the forecasted amount in 2023.

a cat looking up and 3 other cats on the wall
Are there this many I like creatures in world?

Comparing Cats and Dogs – Global Numbers and Popularity

The world’s cat population is predicted to reach up to 800 million by 2023, with the biggest concentrations in the United States of America and Europe as continents, but as countries, China is closing up, as it is for human population. Pretty obvious right; more people – more cats. Global Pet Finder (2020) estimates that there are over 75 million cats in the United States alone, compared to approximately 50 million cats in China. Each of India and Russia is said to have over 20 million cats.

Comparatively, it is predicted that there will be close to 900 million dogs worldwide in 2023, with the biggest concentrations of dogs being found in the United States and Europe like in the cats. This is also a very interesting fact, for most of the people who love a cat, chances are at around 80%+ to like dogs as well. That is why, crimingo has introduced the term, “where there is a cat, there is a dog”. So Expect more cats and dogs content in the future. Coming back to the stats, the World Atlas estimated the country wise numbers in 2020 that there are around 70 million dogs living in the United States of America, 40 million dogs living in China, and approximately 25 million dogs living in each of India and Russia. 


cats looking directly to the camera
The favourite cats at their own beauty contest; The judge is in trouble.

The world’s most famous pet is the cat, rather than a dog. This comes not only because they are cute, but their reduced size, not small as a guinea pig and not big as a German Shepard. Also, it is very economical to have a cat than other pets because they usually tend to themselves except at serious illnesses. On the other hand, dogs are also a favourite pet, because of their devotion and companionship. Well, both animals are favourites because of two different reasons. It is just a matter of fact of who wins and who loses. Overall, cats are anticipated to continue to be the most loved pet worldwide in 2023, however many nations are anticipating continued popularity for canines as well.


In conclusion, cats are expected to be the most popular pet in 2023 due to their smaller size and relatively low maintenance needs. Dogs remain the most common pet in the world, mainly due to the fact that they are considered loyal and loving companions. The estimated global cat population in 2023 is close to 600 million, with the highest population of cats located in the United States and Europe. The estimated number of cats in the United States alone is around 75 million, while the estimated number of cats in China is around 50 million. The estimated global dog population in 2023 is close to 900 million, with the highest population of dogs located in the United States and Europe. Ultimately, both cats and dogs offer a wide range of benefits, so the choice of which pet is more popular ultimately comes down to personal preference.

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