Republic: The True Story of The Furrs 02 -The Love Story

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Trever was suddenly stunned with the vision in front of him. He shook his head in disbelief and wiped the eyes as if it was some unpleasant dream. It was in fact the little girl on his mind. Remembering something suddenly Trevor examined the dog tags on the pinky finger of her paws. He was obviously hoping not to see the letters STELLA on the tag. Although he had not even a glimpse of faith towards the almighty one. Clara could have sworn that Trevor prayed  for a minute. Despite of all the attempts and to his utter disappointment, it was Stella Douglas.  
With the small interval, his mind went far far away to the distant past. The time he had with Stella was the best time of his life. When Trever joined the academy, Stella was a day scholar following Catnip and Alcoholic Studies. They met at the library.  Too soon to tell? Well, even I am excited with their story. Imagine the status of Trever. 
His mind ran through the vivid memory of the day he entered the library to find the cute girl looking for the tree bark he was just returning. Trever had marked the bark with his sharp nails as if it was the last tree bark he had his paws on. Stella seemed to be immediately impressed with the notable marks he had made. It was a clear indication that he had gone through the bark well. Anyway, it was Trever’s favourite subject, criminology. 
an Ai generated image of a white cat
Is this Stella? - Generated by Midjourney
When Trever met his eyes with this cute girl, he was stoned for a moment. It was just like a dream with that thick tail and fluffy enveloped face with overgrown cheeks. Her cute little nose was black in colour, adding an excessive beauty to her apple face. In fact it took a less than a moment’s notice for Stella to become the apple of Trever’s eyes.  Her magnificent figure was not too thin, yet not too chubby. Just the right taste any cat would have imagined. The blue expressive eyes with those big pupils were well margined with the brushy eyelids. Her beard strands were nicely maintained with some rare golden colour. 
a cat with blue eyes
Or is she this? No one knows. Republic makes sure that no one finds the identity of its dead soldiers. Generated by Midjourney
“Trever, Trever”, he was shocked with Stella’s cute meow he heard for a split second. Oh, she is alive… A sudden breadth of relief went through the total physique of the creature. Alas, it was just Clara. She was wondering why Trever was looking at the corpse as if she was a ghost. She knew that dead bodies were not strange to Trever’s line of work. 
Keeping everything aside, of course hiding the deep sorrow with a dried stream tears, he examined the body. The post mortum clearly mentioned all the details. Everything was picture purrfect that Stella gave her life for the good of the mighty republic. It was at this moment that Trevor glimpsed a golden fur just above her temple. He just peeked over the face as it was the academic times to kiss her forehead and picked the foreign fur piece. 
What is it? Is it the long awaited evidence they were looking for? 

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