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Can a vegan diet improve your quality of life? Is it actually healthy to eat only plant based products. Scientists have been doing a numerous number of projects to find the real outcomes of completely going vegan. We are going to explore the Vegans today.


  • A Vegan is only eating plant based products.
  • Several scientific evidences to back up the claim.
  • It has enough nutrients. Or Does it?
  • Diseases we can end with a Vegan Diet.
  • Discussion of cons about Carnivorous-Omnivorous Diet.

What Is Being Vegan Really Means?

According to healthline.com, Vegan Diet means completely omitting animal based food for particularly 3 reasons.

  • Ethical Reasons
  • Health Reasons
  • Environmental Reasons

So, if one is stopping him/herself for one of the above reasons, they qualify to be a vegan. Of course, there is no red line. You can be partly vegan as well. Remember pure vegans do not consume dairy products even.

Cauliflower is happy because you are eating it!!!!

Scientific Evidence

A prominent research done by the US university Loma Linda in 2001 suggested that vegetarian men live an average of 10 more years than that of non-vegetarian men. For women this gap is 6 years. Are men holier than women to have 4 years of advantage just because they have a few extra organs? Well, that is a topic for the next debate. Remind me if I forget.

A large population research done over United Kingdom, United States of America, japan and Germany, suggested that vegetarians have a 9% low risk of death compared to non-vegetarians. This is considering all sorts of deaths, including natural, cancer induced as well as malnutrition.

A balanced plant based diet can do wonders

Although there are some studies that suggests otherwise. They tell that having a vegetarian mean will not necessarily increase life span. They argue the mortality rate change is because of other reasons, for example omnivorous people can usually be drinkers and that can lead to deaths. However, no study has recorded that people taking vegan diets live shorter lives than meat eaters

Can We Get All The Nutrients By A Vegan Diet?

The short answer is Yes. But We would like to elaborate. You need to plan meticulously if you want to look for a vegan diet. Because there is a thing called a balanced diet which leads to a healthy life. Eating only veggies can only get you some vitamins and carbohydrates. Where are the proteins and lipids? So, if you do not plan enough, you might miss some micro nutrients such as calcium, iron, vitamin B12, iodine and selenium.

What Are The Additional Benefits of A Vegan Diet?

Plant materials are known to be rich in anti-oxidants which fights against cancer. There are a load of vitamins which assist in the making of a glowing and a radiant skin. The vitamins like Vitamin C stimulates collagen production, Vitamin A is important in repairing skin cells. The most important of all for the beauties like you, Vitamin E can slow ageing and diminish scars and wrinkles. All of these treasures are found in plants, not meat.

The only thing you need to worry are micro nutrients and proteins and lipids.

A plant based burger WITH patties? You will be thrilled.

What Diseases Can We Prevent With Vegan Diet?

Several studies have found out that a lower risk of obesity can be witnessed with a vegan diet. Furthermore it is found that type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and heart disease can be prevented. Studies – 1,2,3

What’s The Catch Of Meat Products?

Meat products are animal substrates and will go bas with bacteria very soon. Therefore, any meat product that comes over to your hand carries a plenty of chemicals to keep it fresh or to increase the shelf life. In contrary basically water and some common chemicals can keep plant materials from withering. This is one of the biggest advantage of Vegan produce.

What do you think of this meal for your Dinner today?

Some argue that protein is a good media to grow bacteria and therefore meat is often contagious. But what about plant proteins like soybeans. They are also proteins and provide a good medium for bacteria growth.

What do you think about a vegetarian diet? Do you think that you can handle vegetables only? Let us know in the comments section.

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