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Today is a bad day to the world as we have no good news to share with you. Brace yourselves before reading. The News Headlines are frightening

Pakistan being hit by devastating floods

Pakistan Floods – Image Courtesy BBC and Getty Images

With continued rainfall over the region Pakistan authorities have declared a National Emergency. With this they started calling all emergency personnel including armed forces and health workers to assist in the operation. Over the last weekend, deaths were recorded at 119 and now the total death toll is 1000+. This natural disaster has taken homes of an estimated 33 Million Pakistanis. Pakistan National Weather Agency has announced that some parts of the country has received 5 times more rain than the usual statistics. News coming from the region is not at all good, as Pakistani Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif yesterday visited the affected area. The PM also told that it is climate dystopia at Pakistan’s doorstep. The UN secretary said that Pakistan Floods are like a monsoon on steroids, recorded BBC. The News Headlines expect that the damage so far is close to USD 10 Billions.

Guess who is again in the News Headline making business. Cannot expect Iraqi wars to end soon

Two opposite clans, supporting and against the powerful leader Shia cleric Al Sadr clashed on Monday. This resulted in 10 dead and over 100 casualties. The Iraq’s capital was bloodshed with this major incident this week and the city is no longer safe even for its own citizens. This series of troubles started as neither party could won the majority number of seats at the recently held parliamentary election. Iraq’s caretaker Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi also demanded that al-Sadr call on his followers to withdraw from government institutions.

Iraqis clash for Al Sadr – Images from AP News

Floods Floods Floods; All the way to Mississippi

Mississippi Governor, Tete Reeves of the Republican Party declared a State of Emergency as the flooding continued in the area. Jackson has been heavily affected by the flood and the recent flooding at the Pearl river destroyed the largest water treatment plant. The Governor asked the citizens, not to drink water from natural sources, even after manual purifying. With the state of emergency declared, the national guard is mobilized and them with the relief workers are continuing to distribute portable water to over 180,000 displaced families. The damages are currently valued at 1 Billion US Dollars. This is the second News Headline about a flood today.

Mississippi Jackson is flooded – Images from CNN

Greenland’s melting ice cube can increase sea level by one foot globally

While liquid water is being a problem from this corner to that corner, the furthest corner of the world is gradually converting solid water to its liquid form. Researchers have found that by the end of the century, the ice berg would finish melting and the sea level could go up to 1 foot high only with this glacier. The glacier is located in the Greenland and believe it or not, there are hundreds of melting icebergs around the world that could increase the effect. Click here to read the research. This will not affect us today, but this seems to be one of those evergreen news headlines.

Greenland’s iceberg melt can change the course of Ocean waves

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