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Everyday every moment we are changing, however we all think about our comfort because of we are spending competitive life styles. We all are working in different environments. However, if we want to work happily we should have a better working environment. At present, we use various useful equipment to fulfill our task easily. In the working environment, we use kneeling chairs to sit without any botheration. 


  • They were found as early as 1970s’
  • If you are sitting, you better kneel.
  • They are complicated than the normal sitting chair. But…
  • Well, its not rocket science
  • Do we really need to through away our traditional chair for a Kneeling Chair?

Kneeling chairs first became a popular alternative to office chairs based on Peter Opsvik’s desingsly bin the ‘70s. They present a different way of sitting, aiming to ease those day to day aches and pains experienced by the so many employees around the world. Despite of what many people think, working in an office is not an easy task. Therefore many people involve their works inside the office. If we want to work with good attitude and the peaceful mind we should have firstly, a good health. Sometimes as human we do not care about our body and the rhythm of our day to day life activities, although it is an essential part of our life.

Different applications of Kneeling Chairs

What are the things we should know about kneeling chairs?

Many people think kneeling chairs to be the ideal chairs for when writing, drawing and sewing or when working with a laptop. People use kneeling chairs as they can sit in one place for long hours without having any back pains or joint pains constantly bothering them. It is easy for one shift positions and they have ability to freely move about upper body when needed. These chairs are mostly useful for artists, architects and writers.

Alas!!! It has knee support too

How to use Kneeling Chair?

We can use this chair as simple as using a normal chair. There are two main parts of this chair. First one is shin resting pad, second one is buttocks resting pad. One should simply sit on the upper pad and rest their shins on the bottom pad. The perfect kneeling chair would distribute the body weight over the buttocks and shin. At present we can identify several different chairs for individual taste, such as the saddle kneeling chair, deluxe chair, balans stool chairs etc.

Benefits of Kneeling Chairs?

  • First and foremost, the Kneeling chair enhances your productivity in many folds.
  • Your core and shin muscles get more robust, which improves your body’s weight balance.
  • Since your tilt towards the floor, ex. forward, your stomach gets a proper blood supply that improves digestion and reduces gastric problems.
  • A kneeling chair eliminates even the minor pains and numbness in the lower back that occurs while sitting on a traditional ergonomic chair.
  • If you are suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency and feel numb at the bottom of your feet, a Kneeling chair is the best option. It increases muscle strength.
  • The tilt posture on a kneeling chair helps reduce the pain for people suffering from lower back or disc problems.
Posture improvement using Kneeling Chair

In short, Kneeling chair is a miracle that can do wonders for people spending hours sitting in front of a desk.

No doubt! Kneeling chairs are a great invention, and the whole world needed them. However, replacing your traditional ergonomic chair with a kneeling chair might not be appropriate.

What we think about Kneeling Chairs?

Are you feeling slipping. Probably you should not switch your chair with a Kneeling Chair.

Quantitively, the cons might seem less in comparison with the pros. But, these cons directly indicate the fact that our lower body might suffer due to poor blood circulation or least movement. Therefore, blindly throwing away the traditional chair from the workspace could be wrong.

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