The Rapists and Murderers got Only 20 Years of Punishment. They Kept on Bulling and Raping People Even After the Release.


The 25th day of November 1988 was not only the darkest day of Junko’s life, but a black day for the whole of Japan. When the last breath of Junko Furuta’s lung reached the Mother Earth exactly after 44 days of immense torture, she had undergone unspeakable lengths of abuse. To sum up the torment she experienced, many people in the courtroom fainted, just hearing the story at the case hearing of the Murder of Junko Furuta. This had the name “concrete-encased high school girl murder“, because the rapists poured concrete over her body to hide it. So, brace yourselves before hearing this. This is not going to be nice.

The murder of Junko Furuta
Junco Furuta when she was living and after the horrible death

Life leading to the Murder of Junco Furuta

She was in the Misato, Saitama Prefecture in japan and studied in Yashio Minami high school. She lived with her parents and the two brothers, while working a part time job in a plastic moulding factory.

Furuto’s bad luck came with her beauty. She was very proud of her beauty and was followed by boys every time. She often rejected most of these offers. Devil’s own luck came in the form of one of these followers. The boy’s name was Hiroshi Miyano. Unlike others, his love offers were rather dangerous and often included threats. What she did not know was that this one was a part of a Japanese gang named Yakuza. Yakuza gang is not only rhyming with the murder of Junko Furuta, but a set of other rapes and killings as well.

Junko Furuta
Junko Furuta was a very beautiful girl and she was always amidst the attention of boys

They were just teenagers, Or were they?

Miyano decided with his friends to rape the poor girl to get his revenge. Hiroshi Miyano (18 years old), Jō Ogura (17), Shinji Minato (16), and Yasushi Watanabe (17), were the four people in the crew. At the 25th, they were really fed up with the idea and decided to rape anyone who crosses their path. But the hard-cheese luck was still pointing to Junko, as she was riding the bicycle in front of them after finishing up her job. It is an irony that the murder of Junko Furuta began in a very calming night.

Junko Furuta's Killers
The four teenage boys involved in raping and killing of the poor girl, Junko Furuta
Never ever let this happen if it is you. Rapist's thirst will not quench by a single act. As soon as they identify your weakness, they will abuse you with it. 

Incidents leading to the Murder of Junco

Miyano raped Junko at a nearby warehouse and later at a hotel. Then Miano asked his friends to come and started bragging about his rape. It was at this moment Ogura suggested to keep her in captivity to gang rape her. They convinced Junko that her escape would lead to the massacre of her family.

Two days after her disappearance, Junko’s parents lodged a complaint at the police. But Miyano had a plan to counter attack. The gang asked Furuta to call her parents and persuade them that she has run away. She even had to act as the girlfriend of Miyano in in the presence of elders. This acting went on for a day until the gang felt safe. Then they started calling other friends to rape her.

Minato's house where the murder of Junko Furuta happened
Minato’s house; Junko Furuta stayed for more than 40 days of torment at this house

On the 28th, two boys came to Minato’s house to experience the pleasure. When they started touching her, she started screaming. The boys put a pillow over her face. But Minato’s parents heard the sound and checked upstairs to check. After that, Minato had to satisfy them that the sound was not coming from his bedroom, where the teenagers raped Junko. Because of the pillow, Junko fell unconscious. They raped her while she was staring at the ceiling with a blank look.

The immense tortures were endless

About 100 teenagers and men involved in this brutal act of raping and Junko underwent 500 times of rape, according to court statistics. Court recordings say that an average of 12 men raped her per day. She underwent several kinds of tortures under the influence of the group of the four boys.

  • The gang gave her only a trace amount of food just to live
  • She had to eat living insects including cockroaches and drink her own urine
  • Minato cut her left nipple with pliers
  • The gang inserted fireworks from her back side and lighted them, causing severe burns
  • They made her lie on the floor and dropped dumbbells onto her stomach, breaking her bones including rib cage
  • Miyano hanged her from the ceiling and used her as a boxing bag
  • The perpetrators pierced her breasts with blunt needles
  • Rapists confined her to the refrigerator for several hours and decreased the temperature setting to freeze.
  • Miyano often used cigarettes and candles to burn her vagina and clitoris.
  • The most painful one was to insert a light bulb connected to power into her vagina. They then rubbed it until it exploded inside.
Junko Furuta Alive

These tortures were so hard that she had several internal bleedings and was severely crippled. Her face was swollen because of the beatings. This made the rapists to loose the sexual interest towards Junko. Did you think that this made them to withdraw from raping. Well, that’s a big NO. They abducted a 19 year old girl and gang raped her to quench their thirst. But her story was not sad like the murder of Junko Furuta. They let her go.

The Last Wish

Nearing the 44th day, Junko was very weak and requested Miyano to end the pain by killing her. Instead Miyano challenged her to a Mahjong game and if she wins, he promised to kill her. Even in her worst condition she managed to win, which made Miyano more fierce as he lost it. He poured lighter fluid on her body and burned her. He also used burning wax to burn her face and the gang continued to punch the poor soul. As pus was coming out of her wounds because of infection, did the boys stop? No, they put on plastic bags on their hands and continued the torture. Into two hours to this last torment, Junko released her final breath to the air, winding up the 44 days of living hell.

Concrete Encased Girl

Junko's body at the murder of Junko Furuta
Junko’s body was put in concrete

After she died, the captors put her body in a 210L gallon and filled it with concrete. then they dumped it in a nearby site. Their hiding of the body was successful. But Miyano and Ogura was arrested for the rape of the 19 year old girl, who they captured after Junko. Both thought that the police was aware of Junko’s death and it was the reason for the arrest. Ultimately they confessed to the murder of Junko Furuta, to which police was unsuspecting of. This is how they were captured for Junko’s murder.

Are the punishments enough for the Murder of Junco Furuta?

It is highly doubtful about the lengths of serving times, the four teenagers had for the rape and brutal murder. May be it is because of they are minors. Even though they pleaded guilty, the gang never repented for what they did. Hiroshi Miyano had 17 years imprisonment in 1990 and extended to 20 years after an appeal. He also had to pay 50 Million Yen as compensation. In 2013 police arrested him for a fraud case after releasing from prison. But lack of evidence made him go free. Minato had a nine year imprisonment without parole. In 2018, authorities arrested him for attempted murder of a 32 years old man. The light sentence given for him at the murder of Junko Furuta, might have led to his troubled thoughts.

Watanabe had a seven years sentence. Ogura served for an eight years period. He tried to kill a man in 2004 and sentenced for a period of seven years.


Watanabe had a seven years sentence. Ogura served for an eight years period. He tried to kill a man in 2004 and sentenced for a period of seven years.

Junko's Funeral
Junko Furuta’s funeral was held on 2 April 1989.

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